YouthTouch Technology Integration Matching Grant Guidelines

To be considered for this grant, applicants should comply with the following:

Submission Requirements:
Three sections are required and comprise a completed grant application.

  1. Applicant Data – contact information and brief demographic questionnaire
  2. Grant Narrative - responses to the Grant Worthiness questions.
    • Typed
    • Each question addressed in a separate paragraph
    • First page presented on school letterhead
  3. Acknowledgment and Certification - signed statement regarding acceptance and requirements.
    • Must be signed by authorized administrator
    • Required before official award can be made
    • Included in full application & sent via email to all online applicants

Submission Methods:
Online: Our electronic submission form allows you to enter your Applicant Data & to upload a completed Grant Narrative in .doc, .docx or .pdf format.

Mail or Fax: Complete applications and/or signed Acknowledgment & Certifications should be sent to:

Lea Melchior, President
Goldenrod Research Corporation
204 W. Saint Joseph Street
Spalding, NE 68665
Phone - (888) 827-2260
Fax - (815) 346-2338

Application Period and Deadline:
Goldenrod accepts applications year round.  Please see our website for current grant availability and deadline.   The following are anticipated deadlines for planning purposes.

North America - Round I May 30th
North America - Round II September 30th
North America - Round III February 28th
Pacific Rim March 15th
Europe November 15th

Review and Award Notification:
Applications will be reviewed and scored as they are received.  Award Notification will be made officially no later than three weeks after each deadline.   Official Award Notification will be sent electronically to winning schools.  (Please make sure is on your list of allowed senders.)   Those schools that are not awarded will also be informed individually of Goldenrod's decision.   Applicants may request an informal debriefing anytime after they have submitted an application.   Applications with identified problems may be revised and resubmitted for consideration in the current round prior to the deadline or for future rounds if the current round has ended.   Submitting early and requesting a debriefing will significantly improve your chances of being awarded.

Ongoing Program Requirements:

Awardees who accept a grant will be expected to honor the following:

  • YouthTouch will be used with students on a frequent basis.
  • You will work with Goldenrod to assure the YouthTouch program is successful.
  • A faculty member must be designated as the YouthTouch contact person.
  • The designated contact person must be empowered and instructed to communicate with Goldenrod about all facets of your school’s experience with YouthTouch.
  • Your school will serve as a referral site for prospective schools to visit.
  • Your school will serve as host of a YouthTouch workshop for area educators.  Goldenrod will arrange and conduct this workshop.

Financial Requirements:
Each grant provides 1:1 funding for a YouthTouch Technology Integration System.   Your match to this grant may be drawn from any available public and private funding sources.   The retail cost of the package is $ 19,700 (USD).   This grant provides for half of this cost ($ 9,850) and your school will be responsible for the remaining balance of $9,850 plus the freight and applicable taxes.

Each school awarded a grant for the YouthTouch Technology Integration System will receive the following:

  1. Four RoboAC (joystick-controlled robots for younger students)
  2. Four RoboArm (intelligent robotic trainers)
  3. Two RoboVue (closed circuit camera for use with robots)
  4. Two HydrauLift (manual fluid power trainers)
  5. One HydrauLift2 (computer-interfaced fluid power trainer)
  6. One Tempest (table system using 2 robots to teach problem solving, communication, and teamwork skills)
  7. One Full day of on-site teacher training. Extremely remote/limited access communities may receive training via distance learning modalities.
  8. One Full year warranty on all components (RoboArm carries a three year warranty)
  9. One Resource Box of Curriculum Integration Materials (CIM) with the following items:
    • Teacher’s Guide (4 copies) to teacher-led, independent, remedial, and accelerated activities
    • Teacher’s Resource of 127 different reproducible student materials (1 set of masters & CD for licensed reproduction)
    • Introductory Activities for getting started
    • Learning aids
  10. One Full year of upgrades to software and CIM.