YouthTouch Staff Development

Goldenrod provides one (1) full day of on-site Staff Development (YouthTouch Introductory Teacher Training) as part of the Youthtouch comprehensive package.

Extremely remote/limited access communities may receive training via distance learning modalities.

Additional Staff Development sessions (YouthTouch Customized Teacher Training) may be arranged.

The purpose of all YouthTouch Staff Development is:

  • To give teachers a working knowledge of robotic and hydraulic/pneumatic equipment.
  • To provide clear examples of how YouthTouch can be integrated into existing curriculum.
  • To assist teachers in incorporating YouthTouch activities into their own taught curriculum to enhance the learning process.
  • To create a healthy and engaging environment for responding to teachers’ questions, comments, and concerns.

During the day of on-site Introductory Teacher Training, the following objectives will be met:

  • Introduce teachers to the equipment and the company’s services.
  • Teach participants how to operate all YouthTouch equipment.
  • Demonstrate to teachers through various participatory examples how to incorporate YouthTouch activities into their existing curriculum.   Teachers will participate in exercises involving angles, ratios, programming, operations, problem solving, teamwork, estimation, and other educational concepts.
  • Help teachers gain comfort in using the equipment.
  • Provide teachers with YouthTouch classroom management techniques.
  • Provide opportunities for open discussion and learning.

YouthTouch Customized Teacher Training sessions:

After initial training, it is recommended that schools invest in ongoing / customized training days.   The content of these days is customized to the specific needs of the teachers involved.   For ongoing / customized training, teachers submit topics from their upcoming lesson plans to Goldenrod in advance of the training.   Goldenrod will present YouthTouch activities to address these topics at the grade level requested and assist with cross-disciplinary integration.

Training Length:
The training sessions, both initial and customized, are normally one school day in length.

Training Costs:
One YouthTouch Introductory Teacher Training session is part of the purchase price of the YouthTouch Technology Integration Comprehensive Package.   Additional training sessions are $1,500, if purchased separately.   YouthTouch Customized Teacher Training sessions to address specific educational projects or curriculum cost $2,000 per day.   Pricing includes all associated travel costs for trainers to visit the school.

Additional Help:
Training is enhanced through teacher use of Goldenrod’s free services:

  • Toll-free, in-class assistance with any specific, immediate problems: 888-827-2260
  • A web site chat room where YouthTouch users can learn from each other and gain new ideas or solutions.