YouthTouch Technology Integration

Package for Elementary Students

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YouthTouch offers creative learning tools, designed to complement existing curriculum and support common core standards.  
The YouthTouch Technology Integration comprehensive package comprises all of the tools necessary to integrate technology into 3rd through 8th grade classrooms.  
The YouthTouch package is designed to provide students with a firmer understanding of ratios, area, coordinates, graphing, plus over 100 other Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Language Arts, and Social Studies concepts.

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What the YouthTouch package consists of:

Boys with RoboAC
Each elementary school awarded a grant for the YouthTouch Technology Integration System will receive from Goldenrod Research Corporation the following:

  1. Four RoboAC (joystick-controlled robots for younger students)
  2. Four RoboArm (intelligent robotic trainers)
  3. Two RoboVue (closed circuit camera for use with robots)
  4. Two HydrauLift (manual fluid power trainers)
  5. One HydrauLift2 (computer-interfaced fluid power trainer)
  6. One Tempest (programmable system using 2 robots to teach problem solving, communication, and teamwork skills)
  7. One Full day of on-site teacher training. Extremely remote/limited access communities may receive training via distance learning modalities.
  8. One Full year warranty on all components (RoboArm carries a three year warranty)
  9. One Resource Box of Curriculum Integration Materials (CIM) with the following items:
    • Teacher’s Guide (4 copies) to teacher-led and independent study, with remedial and accelerated activities
    • Teacher’s Resource Guide (4 copies) for lesson planning
    • 127 different reproducible student worksheets (15 copies of each)
    • Introductory Activities for getting started
    • Learning aids and manipulatives
  10. One Full year of upgrades to software and CIM.